Thursday, June 21, 2007

Fans Of The Tillmans Flock To The Newly Expanded Family

We were visited this past week by my sister Dillen (from New York) and my Canadian papa Allan. It was great to have them here, firstly because we like them, and secondly because we are quickly discovering that two children somehow often equals four times the work. Both of our guests went above and beyond the call of duty to help us out. Dillen now bears the rare distinction of having been pooped on by both Tillman babies, and Dad, whose youngest child just graduated from high school, got to wax nostalgic about his diaper-changing, car seat-juggling days. That empty nest is probably looking a lot more enticing after being coated in baby barf a few times!

Dillen expanding Maggie's already daunting intellect.

New York, according to Dillen, subjects its citizens to a much more humid and brutal summer than we get here. Perhaps because of this, her tolerance for the Davis heat seemed much greater than mine, and she taught Max how to sun himself and look suave at the same time. The suavity is no mean feat for Max, given his somewhat ridiculous swim apparel, but he pulls it off.

You can tell that Dad has raised many daughters by the fact that he is continuing to smile serenely, even though Maggie is yelling at him and pulling on his chest hairs.

Max very much enjoyed having his grandpa as a constant playmate for a few days, and has asked for him repeatedly since his departure. This is one of the many reasons I am giving my father for retiring in California. So far, he has been hesitant to commit himself, but I feel confident that the combined cuteness of Max and Maggie (not to mention Ian and I) will eventually wear him down.


Joshua said...

I agree that New York in the summer is torture...the heat, the humidity, the piping hot-urine-filled subway.

That said, I love hanging out on the East Coast. I would move there if it was just a bit closer, and I didn't have about 30 relatives in the greater Sacramento area who would lynch me if I took my family and ventured off to the East.

But, I guess that Sacramento is ite! If you don't mind the heat. We get some rain here too, but it is a dry rain. And if Al Gore gets his way, this place will be pretty much unliveable in about 50 years, so, we have that going for us...

Jabbertrack said...

Plus I mean... Conan is our governor.


Chelsa said...

Gee, thanks, Guys -- I didn't even think to include the governator or the potential for owning unlivable desert-like land among the reasons why California is the place to be!