Friday, June 15, 2007

Bathroom Adventures

No, Max is not in the bathroom in this picture, nor is he doing anything bathroom-related. He is, in fact, watching Shrek on the computer. I always feel that a blog post that includes no pictures is just a let-down, though, and I couldn't post one that fits the forthcoming news without compromising Max's modesty, so I thought better an irrelevant picture than none at all. So bask in his TV-watching cuteness while I proudly relate that Max TOTALLY JUST PEED IN THE TOILET! (Okay, technically he peed on the floor right in front of the toilet, but he is still the awesomest.) He has been asking to pee for a couple of weeks now, taking off his pants and standing in front of the toilet, but I kind of figured that he was just trying to get more access to the toilet-flushing and hand-washing that go along with the bathroom experience. We've been encouraging his interest, but not expecting too much in the actual toilet-training department. Today, though, he asked to go pee, went in the bathroom, stood there naked for a minute, and peed on the floor right in front of the toilet. "Pee? Pee, Mama", he said proudly, pointing to his accomplishment. I was so surprised that I almost peed. Maybe it was just a fluke, but I objectively attribute it to my child's infinite genius.

Technically, Maggie is not in the bathroom, either (I'm starting to think that this post has been poorly titled), but she did have her first bath this week. I was fully expecting a giant scream-fest, since Max howled his way through his first few baths, and Maggie is a loud and hearty objector to personal discomfort of any kind. She seemed to really like the bath, however. She was very quiet, calm, and big-eyed throughout the moistening, soaping, and rinsing, despite the three cameras (not counting the video camera) recording her reactions. She only objected at the very end, when her wet little self was removed from the tub and exposed to the cold, cruel world. Even then, a little swig of the old breast milk quickly reconciled her to the harsh air-conditioned climate.

I know she doesn't look all that happy, but she is still a newborn. She doesn't emote all that dramatically yet. Trust me, though ... not yelling = happy.


Jabbertrack said...

It's cool how babies already have an idea about how they would prefer their day go the moment they arrive in the real world.

Raging Wombat said...

Congrats to Max. I'm still trying to master the whole not-peeing-on-the-floor thing, so he should be proud of himself.

Jen said...

I love seeing Maggie with her eyes open. We have her picture up that you sent, but her eyes are closed. It reminds me of the letters my 3rd graders wrote when Mason was born. They kept asking what color his eyes were. By the time I received the letters I thought it was funny, until I realized that those first pictures are all "eyes closed."