Monday, May 14, 2007

Breakfast At The Tillmans' -- Who Wants Some?

Max has recently been experimenting with drinking from regular cups -- the kind without lids. He usually does quite well, and manages to drink with a minimum of spills or chokes. Bearing all of this in mind, and beaten down by his repeated requests last week for "mama cup, bite?" (he doesn't know how to say 'sip' yet), I gave him some fruit smoothie in a cup with no lid. He handled it beautifully for five or six sips. Then, he spilled a little of it onto his tray. Then, he became intrigued by the puddle he had created on the tray, and smeared the smoothie around a bit. This led to inattentiveness to the cup in his hand, which led to a great deal of smoothie being spilled on the belly. This led to Max being uncomfortable with a cold, wet belly, which led to Max repeatedly attempting to dry and clean the shirt by rubbing it with his hands. This led to a not noticeably cleaner shirt, but very noticeably messy hands. For some reason, around this point, Max decided that his hair, his eyebrows, and the wall behind him needed petting. This led to the picture I now offer you. As you can see, Max is deeply satisfied with his morning's work. I, on the other hand, can now offer useful tips to any interested parties about the best and most effective ways to scrub blackberries, bananas, and yogurt off of a white wall.


granny said...

I'm guessing blueberries were involved in the creation of the purple bug-a-boo-eyed baby?

Chelsa said...

No, blackberries. If you look closely, you will see that the mess is a richer, more robust reddish-bluish than you would get with a blueberry.