Friday, May 04, 2007

The Bearded Baby

Max has developed a fierce independent streak recently, and wants to do everything for himself. He has been practicing dressing himself (with mixed results), opening all drawers and cupboards for himself (with even more mixed results), and feeding himself with a spoon or a fork. Our walls are splattered with food in the corner where Max's high chair resides, and I have found some interesting things down the pants during diaper changes, but he is actually getting quite good with utensils, and I would estimate that 50-65% of his food is winding up inside the Max now. Ian and I spend a great deal of our time scrubbing the other 40-50% off of the outside of the Max, but it is not the grossest thing I have ever scrubbed off of him. Now that it's getting warmer, I foresee a lot of meals outside on the porch, with the hose standing ready.

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granny said...

Or you could just place the high chair in the bathtub. After Max is finished eating, just turn on the shower. Baby, chair and dishes all washed at once.