Friday, March 30, 2007

Sock It To Ya

As I have mentioned before (with photographic proof to back me up), Max is not necessarily a fan of clothing. Given the choice, he would embrace a very natural, pee-on-the-one-you're-with kind of lifestyle, and he is growing increasingly indignant about the fact that he is usually not given the choice. Max's blanket ban on clothing does have one exception, however -- footwear. He loves socks, he loves shoes, and he will ask to have his feet clothed constantly, even if he is wearing nothing else. I have tried to speak to him about the absurd figure he presents wearing nothing but socks and shoes, with his dimpled legs flashing free in the breeze, but he is unswayed.

Yesterday, Max took this stylistic idiosyncrasy to the next level. I went into his room to see what he was doing, and found him playing with his toy trains. Perfectly respectable. When I sat down to join him, however (a feat worthy of admiration, by the way, as it is increasingly difficult to get up and down from the floor while carrying Giant Speck), I noticed something interesting. Not only had Max taken out all the socks, selected a pair, and put them on ALL BY HIMSELF, but he had apparently decided that two socks were just not enough for an enterprising young toddler on the go.

Max had four socks on his feet, and there were several more scattered around the room, where they had evidently been tried on and then rejected, for reasons known only to Max and his feet. He kept them on all day, grinning and saying, "sock on!" when I questioned him. I suppose that does really say it all.


Auntie Aly said...

Finally Max's Canadian roots took a stand. It is now very apparent to me that he is my blood, for he has obviously inherited my slightly compulsive obsession with footwear. This is a proud day.

Chelsa said...

It must skip a generation, because I am well known for hating to wear socks or shoes -- I don't like for my feet to feel confined -- and going barefoot in even the coldest of weather. (Mind you, the coldest of weather in Davis would probably be sneered at by the hardened Canadians among us, but still.)

Ian said...

Yes, but Dad loves shoes...hmm.

granny said...

Max's Great Grandpa Craig was famous for reminding everyone to "keep their socks on"...maybe he is sending a message.
IMO it is pretty fantastic that Max was able to put his own socks on...what an advanced kid!

Joshua said...

Jen has an obsession for socks as well. She likes to make sure she has socks that match her outfits. This means...many socks! I tend to like socks more "black and white." I have expanded my sock collection, with prompting from Jen.

I also like to make sock puppets.