Monday, March 26, 2007

Bottoms Up

Max has been sleeping in his own bed for a couple of months now, and he does pretty well at solo slumber (with occasional steps backwards into the big bed after bad dreams or extra snuggle requirements). He was never a wiggly baby when he slept with Ian and I (part of the reason he got away with it for so long), but it turns out that he has a completely different style of sleep when we are not hemming him in on either side. He starts out on his back, but rolls over and thrashes around after an hour or two, and winds up in a new and exciting position every night. A couple of nights ago, Ian and I both saw him roll over on his tummy, thrust his booty skywards, stick one arm straight up in the air, fling the arm down dramatically, and then spank himself on the bum with it. He then settled back into deep sleep, hindquarters still raised to the heavens, with a self-satisfied expression, as seen in the included photograph. Years from now, when Max's future wife requests separate bedrooms and he is baffled as to why, I shall refer him to this blog post.


Jabbertrack said...

looks like he partied like a rock star and just crashed wherever

... in his croc PJs

Chelsa said...

Max does everything like a rock star.