Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Feel The Love

Max has been giving out kisses for awhile, sort of, with prompting. Recently, however, he has begun volunteering the sugar, and making elaborate smooching sounds to accompany his gestures of good will. Then, he leans his head on the object of his affection, puts an arm or two around the neck, and says "niiiicccce". (This is in imitation of Ian and I, who always say "oh, how nice", when we get hugs or kisses, and "let's be nice" when Max is approaching the cats.) How could anyone possibly resist him?


Joshua said...

That is very cute. Jen has started making "kissing advances" lately too! It too is very cute and I love it, but the drooling, open mouthed face plant is sometimes a bit embarrasing in public.

Chelsa said...

Well, Jen will be grown up before you know it, and you will look back wistfully on the days when she did the drooling, open-mouthed face-plant.