Thursday, February 08, 2007

A Tender Moment

Max has started giving these full-body hugs, completely spontaneously, often mid-activity. It is one of the many things about him that make him irresistible. Today, I was taking pictures of him when he walked up to me and commenced hugging. I thought it would be cute to take a Mama's-eye picture of the hug while it was happening. I had dreams, in fact, of it being the kind of picture that I would keep forever, and that would bring nostalgic tears to my eyes in later years when Max is grown-up. Imagine my disillusioned surprise, therefore, when I put the freshly taken photo on the computer for viewing and beheld this! Nice face, Max. It's practically a Hallmark card.


Jabbertrack said...

I've always been much more adorable in motion as well.

Chelsa said...

Hopefully, you're not secretly making that face when your loved ones hug you.

Jen said...

Oh how I can relate to this. Mason and I have had similar momments where the feelings an appearence don't seem to align when captured on film.