Friday, February 23, 2007

Basket Case

We recently purchased a new laundry basket for Max's room. Little did we know that this $4.99 receptacle for peed-on pants would ascend the ranks rapidly and become his favorite toy. Sometimes he stashes a bunch of stuff inside it, and then picks things out and shows them to us one by one. Sometimes he throws balls into it, like it's the basket in a basketball game. His favorite thing to do with it, however, is to crawl inside it and have me look at him through the other end while he smashes his face against the netting and growls.

As you can see, his ferocity is shown off to prime advantage by the blue netting.

His attractiveness is considerably enhanced, as well.


granny said...


Chelsa said...

Thank you, Mike, for brainwashing my mother into your horrible computer-speak cult.

Jabbertrack said...

ROFLMAO... brb bio


Joshua said...

I too enjoy a romp in the hamper. Jen seems to think it childish, but it makes me happy.

Jen said...

Next you can teach him how to do the blowfish on a sliding glass door.