Tuesday, February 13, 2007


The rousing success of the lego experiment has emboldened Ian to try Max out on other popular forms of male entertainment. So far, he has had mixed success. Max likes video games, but lacks finesse, and usually tries to get involved too actively and at crucial moments in game play. Max likes music, but has yet to discriminate between the sublime and, well, J-Lo's "My Love Don't Cost A Thing". The latest attempt has been introducing Max to the subtle and ancient art of chess. Things Max enjoyed about chess: the nice clinky sound the chessmen made when placed in their storage bag, the black-and-white checkered pattern of the board, the taste and texture of the felt at the bottom of each chessman, and the drawstring on the chessmen storage bag. Things Max did not enjoy about chess, or that left him indifferent: being told not to lick the felt at the bottom of the chessmen, being told not to sit on the chessboard or put the chessmen down his pants, and any and all of the rules that actually make up the game of chess. Bobby Fischer, be warned.

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Joshua said...

I too have a hard time not putting those little "men" down my pants.