Saturday, October 17, 2009

It's Not Just Because He Likes Sausage Or Anything

Max to Mama (musingly): Granny is a vegetarian.
Mama: That's true.
Max: She only likes vegetables.
Mama: Well ...
Max: And grains.
Mama: Um ...
Max: And fruit a little bit. Right, Mama?
Mama: Yep.
Max: Granny does not like any meat.
Mama: Right.
Max: So thatwise I am going to eat all of the sausage so Granny doesn't have to eat it. Because sausage is meat, right, Mama?
Mama: Sausage is made of meat, yes.
Max: I am protecting Granny from meat. Because did you notice that I really love Granny?
Mama: I'm sure she's very grateful.
Max: Yeah.


Anonymous said...

I agree Max. Sausages are awesome and your Granny does need protection from them.

Grandpa Al

Granny said...

Oh yee brave, meat-eating knights. The vegetarians of the world are grateful for your acts of courage.

Jessi Fry said...


You're such a nice guy.