Friday, October 09, 2009

Happy Birthday Ian!!

It has been twenty years, I think almost exactly, since Ian and I first met. Obviously, in twenty years of knowing him, I have witnessed him change and grow in a number of ways. His style of dressing has changed. The amount of hair on his head has changed. He has changed from a teenager to a young man to a husband and father. But the very best things about Ian, the core Ianness that I fell in love with and have remained very much in love with for all of this time, those things have not changed. Ian is funny. He is friendly, in an outgoing way that I have many times used as a shelter for my more reserved self. He is comfortable in his own body and spirit, in a way that puts other people at ease. And he is, he always has been, loving and attentive and loyal in a way that allows Max, Maggie and I to feel that we are protected and safe and living a very great adventure. Happy Birthday, Ianly. We love you so very much.

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Jessi Fry said...

Happy Birthday Brother Ian!!

Hope that it is a nice day in every way :)