Friday, February 20, 2009

Independent, With A Side Of Conflicted

Max to Mama: Mama! I need to go pee!
Mama: Okay. Do you want me to come with you?
Max: No! I want (holds up hand forbiddingly) to be ALONE. I need my privacy.
Mama: Okay. Go pee then.
Max (from the hallway): Mama! MAMA! I need you to turn the light on!
Mama: Okay. (goes and turns on bathroom light)
Max: Where are you going?
Mama: I was going to leave you alone. You know, like you told me to.
Max: No, Mama. Don't go in the living room.
Max (a second or two later): Mama! I'm all done peeing.
Mama: Okay, good. So let's --
Max: You didn't -- I never got to be alone, you know.
Mama: But, but ...
Max: You have to respect my privacy in the bathroom.
Mama: I -- I'm -- but you said ... (sigh) Sorry, Max.

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Ian said...

That "Rock" used to trouble me back in the day.