Saturday, November 15, 2008

Dear Weirdo Neighbor Whose Aquaintance I Have For Some Reason Not Yet Made,

I don't really have an issue with you walking your dog right outside my window. I would personally cut other people's patios a wider berth, but you are on public property, and maybe your dog really likes that bush right by our house, so, fine. I am, I must admit, puzzled by the fact that you seem to have named your dog, "Hi", but people's processes for naming their beloved wards are unique and personal and I would never question your right to own a dog named Hi if that's your thing. Get a matching one and name it "Bye", and I will still back you up, Buddy. I am loyal like that. To random strangers who live in my apartment complex.
If you are going to have a dog named Hi, and if you and Hi have some sort of attraction to the bush right outside my patio door, and if Hi is the kind of dog who requires constant and extremely loud repetition of his name, you really should not be surprised if, upon occasion, the young children living in the house behind your treasured bush think that you are yelling "Hi! Hi! Hi!" in order to greet them, and respond accordingly. Nor should you give a dirty look to the aforementioned young children, even if one of them is not wearing pants when he hails you.
A friendly piece of advice from me to you. Say hi to Hi for me.


Anonymous said...


santa bell said...

He's named "Hi",
but you say "Bye".
My name is "Bell".
And I am well.

auntie Penny said...

Well, thats just dumb. Seriously, who the heck names their dog "hi". Someone who is a bit off the kilter maybe? You are in California after all. hahaha But seriously, the guy needs friends maybe...or a shrink!

Jabbertrack said...

I had a friend in 8th grade named Hai - it means 'water' or something.

I know that he was quite annoyed at the misfortune and asked people to call him 'Kevin' or something.