Thursday, February 14, 2008

Strolling Through The Park One Day

We haven't been to the park for a month or so, because it has been rainy and/or freezing. (Listen, everyone! Did you hear that? That was each and every Canadian relative I have scoffing in tandem at my definition of 'freezing'. Soft, California living thins the blood, I guess.) February has been curiously mild so far, however (thank you, Global Warming!), and so we took advantage of it and journeyed parkward with Granny and Gramps last weekend.

I am sort of amazed at how much both kids have developed since our last park adventure. It doesn't feel like that long since we were last there, and yet it was a completely different experience from the last time. Max can now climb everything climbable in the playground with ease. He has names and definitions for each rock, twig, blade of grass, and letter on the 'Welcome' sign. Granny and Gramps brought some activities (bubbles, small wooden airplane, chalk), and Max was so excited by everything that I thought he was going to start whistling like a tea kettle.

Whenever we threw the airplane, Max chased after it, exuberantly shouting, "I got it! I got it!" The fact that he never once caught it dented neither his enthusiasm nor his confidence.

We may have lost some of our Canadian heartiness, but we haven't forgotten our roots. Look out, Canada. Maggie's coming for ya. (You know, in the summer. When the weather is nice. She's not crazy.)


granny said...

It was a nice day. Has Maggie recovered from the trauma of the spikey grass? Maybe Canada can offer her a softer, gentler grass experience.

penny said...

Oh Chelsa...we would NEVER scoff about your sad little interpretation of freezing LOL. I am looking forward to meeting that little "Fry" baby, cause you gotta know everytime i read this blog, Darren looks over my shoulder and says, that little baby girl looks just like Allan. I have to admit that this last picture of Maggie i see a little Fry glare as well. :)

Chelsa said...

yeah, I think she looks just like Dad, too. My genes win! My genes win!