Sunday, February 10, 2008

Magical Maggie

Maggie fascinates me. One of my fears, when I was pregnant with her, was that I would not find her as interesting as I did Max, because I had already experienced parenting and the novelty might have worn off. Luckily, Maggie is so uniquely and wonderfully herself that parenting her has never yet been boring. She is extraordinarily vocal now, and continues to keep us guessing with her word-like babbles. Is she talking? Is she just a strangely precise babbler? Is she speaking full sentences, but in fluent martian rather than english? Every day is a mystery, people. (Speaking of which, Max just poked his head in the door and informed me authoritatively, "Books live in the snow, Mama." Then he went back to playing in the sandbox. If this is some sort of military code informing me of iminent disaster, please let me know.)
Linguistics aside, I think that the best and most surprising thing about Maggie is her disposition. I know that I'm her mum, and maybe not the most objective, but she is just so very jolly and charming. She loves to listen to music (techno is still, sadly, a favorite) and to dance. She loves to laugh, and she is so very beautiful when she smiles and giggles, it takes my breath away. I have decided that she is my very favorite girl-baby in the entire universe.

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