Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Beachcombers (Part Two)

The cabins where we stayed at Crystal Cove are rented out on a first come, first serve basis, and since there aren't very many available, they rent out quickly. Ian's dad and sister got on the internet on the first available minute of the first available day to rent cabins, and managed to get three rooms in a dorm-style cabin for our family. We found out when we got there that getting three rooms together is rare enough to be almost unheard of, so we were extremely lucky. Even so, the cabins get rented so fast that Ian's sister and dad were unable to rent their first choice, which would have been a single cabin for all of us. We each had our own rooms, but we shared a common dining area and bathrooms with other families renting the place. The rooms also all had twin bunk beds, so it was not exactly a love nest.

Still, it is hard to complain about much of anything when this is the view from your kitchen window in the morning.

Max and Joseph found novel ways to combine enjoying the view with some quality peek-a-boo time.

Two handsome Tillman boys.

We went for some really amazing beach walks together. Max got a little freaked out whenever we got too close to the water -- the noise and the spray seemed to bother him a bit -- but he loved walking along the beach, people-watching and exploring the sand. He did a fair amount of flirting with people going by, too -- he is becoming somewhat too aware of his overwhelming cuteness.


Anonymous said...

perhaps Max shares my hatred of all sea life as food?

maybe these are early indications of a superior species of human bound to land-dwelling food sources

Christine said...

That last pic of you and Max is SO adorable! He's got the cutest little smile. Watch out ladies! It looks like you had a great trip, what a cool place to stay too.

Chelsa said...

You're absolutely right, Mike. We should have made it clear to Max that he was not expected to eat anything that came out of the ocean before we exposed him to it.

Joshua said...

Joseph could be Max's stunt double...I'm just sayin'.

Chelsa said...

It's funny, because Max and Joey really don't look very similar (to me, at least), but everyone at the beach was asking if they were twins. Joey does have the action-oriented personality for a life of stuntwork, however, and Max tends to be on the cautious side, so maybe you have something there -- Max can hire Joey to learn to walk for him, and later, to leap tall buildings and free-fall out of airplanes.