Friday, January 15, 2010

Happy Birthday Grandma Elaine!!

Max and Maggie each made their grandma a card for her birthday, and then they each, in their own way, made their cards impossible to put in the mail. Max's is too big to fit in any envelope that I currently possess, and Maggie taped hers to the wall "for a decoration". Fortunately, however, through the magic of the blog, I can still transmit the cards to their intended recipient. Enjoy, Elaine!

"This is a picture for my grandma. This is me -- I'm Maggie -- Maggie and Grandma are walking on the beach and we are looking at the birds!" -- Maggie

"This is an umbrella for Grandma for when it rains so she will not get too wet. It's also raining right now in the picture, actually." -- Max

We all love and miss you and hope you enjoy your day!

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