Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween

In Which Chelsa Attempts To Take A Photo Of Both Children In Costume: A Harrowing Halloween Story

Attempt the first: Both children are adorable, and they are hugging in a friendly fashion, adding to the cuteness. The fact that Max is Batman, however, is almost completely obscured, and the wings on Maggie's suit, which clarify the fact that she is a butterfly and not just a Maggie In A Shiny Leotard With An Impractical Skirt Attached, are hidden entirely.

Attempt the second: Max's Batmanhood is clearly visible to the naked eye, but Maggie's wings are still theoretical, and her tights (the best part of the costume, in my opinion) are likewise incognito. Plus, both children have expressions evocative not so much of childlike Halloween glee as wry, jaded Halloween overphotographitis.

Attempt the final: Maggie's wings are at last revealed, and her stripy tights are on display, but Max has decided that his Batman costume itches him, and that he shouldn't wear it because, "I am just a Max. Not a Batman. Not a Batmax." He has therefore switched to a festive orange shirt with a fuzzy skeleton on it, which would be fine except that no one can see the skeleton. I decide to give up and pursue more easily attainable goals. Stay tuned to see if our pumpkin carving is more successful. Happy Rainy Halloweeeeeeen!

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auntie Penny said...

Maggies costume is so adorable.