Saturday, September 13, 2008

Happy Birthday Auntie Jill!

I know that many things have changed for my sister Jillian recently. She has a new husband, a new name, a new life as a student and a wife and a woman. To me, however, she will also always be that rosy-cheeked little baby who used to throw her diapers at my head to wake me up in the morning. I love you, Jills, and I hope that your birthday is joyous.


Ian said...

And too me, Jill will always be one of the girls in the flower dresses (had to be said).

Chelsa said...

Let's open a poll! What will Jillian always be to YOU, everyone?

Anonymous said...

Jillian will always be, along with all her sisters, a Huge blessing in my life

Papa Al