Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Cousin Club

The epic meeting of all 4 Tillman/Brooks cousins finally took place on the 18th, and the epic blogging of the meeting will now take place on the .. hold on, what the hell is the date? Let me check ...the 30th. The delay in my sharing the delight of these pics with you is regrettable, but somehow, I have been really discombobulated this month. I think it is the constant stream of vacations and visitors -- we were in Canada at the end of June, at the beach mid-July, then the cousins/in-laws on the heels of that, we have my friend Sarah coming next week, and then we are off to Disneyland. As I read that last sentence over to myself, it occurs to me that complaining about too many vacations may not be the way to come off as exactly pitiable, so without further ado:

Max and Joey were delighted with one another. They have been very different from birth onward, but they complement each other nicely. Max is larger, but more cautious, Joey is smaller but bolder, and so they match up.

It was hard to get a really quality shot of both boys together, since it was evening and the lighting was challenging, and also because neither of them stopped moving ever for the entire night. While I won't be winning any kodak awards, I think you do get a sense of the epic adventure that is Max and Joey.

Who in God's name would give two two and a half year old boys matching lightsabers and encourage them to use them on each other and hapless passers by?


Eager to escape the confines of our small apartment, what with the lightsabers a-swingin' and all, we went to the park near our house after dinner. Max and Joey ran wild and free, Maggie dabbled in the sand a bit and tried out the swings, but Sophia, at four months old, mostly looked all goggle-eyed at the goings on. She was not at all impressed with the twirling thing her mom tried to share with her. Geez, what a baby, right?

I did wonder how Maggie was going to feel about having another, smaller baby in her space. On the one hand, she loves dolls, and Sophia could be categorized as a slightly more life-like version of a baby doll. On the other hand, Maggie likes to pound her dolls' faces into the ground, and Sophia could not be categorized as someone who would appreciate a face-pounding. Fortunately, Maggie's more benign maternal impulses won out, and she kissed Sophia and petted her frequently.

That's the kind of cute that you want to pace yourself when viewing, lest you get an adorable high and embarrass yourself.

Ian's parents couldn't join us for the epic first gathering of all their offsprings' offspring. (Wow. If you say offspring enough times in a row, it loses all meaning. I think I just invented a new meditation chant.) This caused some sadness for all of us, and, I am sure, for them, too. We tried to get a decent and Hallmark-ish shot of all four kids together, but ...

As per usual, you get one kid looking fantastic in each shot, one kid turned to the side, one kid beating on another kid, and at least one grown-up's hand at the periphery of the photo, desperately trying to stave off mutiny. Even with all of that to distract from the subjects at hand, however, I think we have the most stunningly, fantastically, amazingly lovely group of children here that the world has ever known.

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Anonymous said...

Joey is still talking about going to cousin Max's house. This was a popular event for us all! Can't wait until we all reunite again! love, Aunt Jean