Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Sous Chef

Well, the Tillman Family Plague seems to be winding down at last. We are not yet better, exactly, but we are at least improved enough to envision a world where we might be better someday. With much prayer. Max and Maggie are both feeling well enough to resume some of their old friskiness, and they spent part of today playing outside together. Max actually invited Maggie to cook with him, which was awfully nice, although once she was outside and in the action, he informed me that "Maggie can't cook. She's just a baby, and she is too little. It's too spicy for Maggie."

Maggie was barred from the actual cooking, but she was allowed to help gather ingredients. It may not look like it, but the sand, chalk, and pink mobile toy, when simmered together, make a mighty tasty onion soup.

Maggie tried to eat a piece of chalk halfway through the mealtime preparations (Max does, perhaps, have a point about babies being unable to cook), and got upset when I removed it from her mouth. Max walked over to Maggie, said, "You crying, Maggie? Awww, don't cry. Poor guy," and hugged her. I was at a bad angle to capture the hug, and yet it is cute from even the awkward angles, so I included it.

What's cuter than Max comforting Maggie? Not much. This, however, is Maggie's face, immediately post-hug, and I think that it at least comes close. Look how happy and proud she is that her big brother paid attention to her! Also look how she still has a piece of chalk, cleverly concealed in her chubby fist!

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Raging Wombat said...

Not many sous chefs receive such attention from the head chef. But it looks like she appreciates it.